Asian handicap soccer predictions

Asian handicap soccer predictions   for Espanyol - Barcelona Espanyol hosts Barcelona in a match from the ?-finals of the King's Cup. Espanyol will aim to score a good result in this match before Cambay's rematch on Jan. 25. The hosts, however, act as an outsider in this collision and have little chance of winning the 1/2 finals. Experts are of the opinion that Barca will win the first match and will decide the situation after the first match. The hosts, however, are in good shape by winning three of their last five games. They beat Atletico Madrid at the end of last year with a 1: 0 home. In his last match in La Liga, Espanyol finished 1-1 at home against Athletic Bilbao, with only one victory in his previous four home games. In the Kings Cup tournament, Kicke Sanchez Flores made a real feat after eliminating Levante, despite losing 1: 2 home in the first game. Last Thursday, Espanyol beat Valencia's 2-0 winners after attacking Leo Baptistao and Gerard Moreno at the break.